David L. Robbins
Novelist, Educator, Playwright, Philanthropist
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David Robbins is a native of Richmond, Virginia. He has penned twelve novels. David is also the founder of two Richmond-based non-profits: The Podium Foundation and James River Writers


David has written advice pieces for budding writers, given interviews for publications such as The Writer Magazine,  and has many articles in Boomer Magazine, a free publication in the Richmond area.

Recent Work

David has just finished revising one of his first novels, titled: The Finger: A Novel of Love and Amputation. It is available through Amazon. Read more about the novel here, or visit David's Amazon page.
The second of the PJ novels takes place in the Saudi desert.  LB's  willingness to save an enemy is the only thing that can save his own life, and his PJ team.
I wrote this book back in 1996, when I wanted to be Tom Robbins. It's now my first adventure in self publishing. It may also be one of my favorite works.