David L. Robbins
Novelist, Educator, Playwright, Essayist

David L. Robbins, author, educator, playwright, essayist

David L. Robbins

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     Welcome to my website. Here you'll find lots of info about my writing and the writing life, plus my new projects, stage plays, teaching, charities, opportunities and ideas, pratfalls and peaks. There's a full  collection of articles, interviews, and advice for aspiring writers I've penned over the years. My blog is frequently updated with what's going on in my life, head, and heart, as well as the page. Also, you can follow me on Facebook.
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     Thank you for reading and supporting my work and life. Be well, don't forget to be active and generous in your own community, and let me hear from you.
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David Robbins is a native of Richmond, Virginia. He has penned twelve novels. David is also the founder of three Richmond-based non-profits: The Podium Foundation, James River Writers, and  The Mighty Pen Project.

Stage Plays

On the past four years, I've written and had produced three stage plays: The End of War, Sam & Carol, and Scorched Earth. Here are some images and videos from the productions. If you represent a theater company and you're interested in a press package and/or scripts, please contact me.           
               The End of War, 2017
And here's a radio interview with Public Radio focusing on the music selections in the play, all preformed by a live onstage cellist. 
                  ​Sam & Carol, 2015
              Scorched Earth, 2013

M.A.S.H.  benefit for
The Mighty Pen

As a benefit for one of my non-profits, The Mighty Pen Project, I directed a fabulous troupe of Richmond actors for seven staged performances of the first three episodes of M.A.S.H. 

Latest BOOMER Column 

Here's a link to my most recent article in Boomer Magazine. I've had the back page for about six years; the column is called Native Son. Boomer lets me write whatever I come up, and my head gets to wander. Also, below, you'll find a link to more and previous articles and essays. Enjoy, and let me know what you think. 

Recent Works

Completing the four-book  Pararescue Jumper series, The Low Bird  ​is a Vietnam War tale, based on a true story, about the largest rescue of a downed pilot in the war. This is a fitting and fast-paced farewell to my series about the most elite and highly-trained unit in the U.S. armed forces, the PJs.
The third in my  pararescue series takes LB and Wally into the South African savannah, where they find themselves imperiled by a rhino poaching syndicate.
The second of the PJ novels takes place in the Saudi desert.  LB's  willingness to save an enemy is the only thing that can save his own life, and his PJ team.

My First Book

I wrote this book at the outset of my career, back in 1996. It's a fantasy love story about a couple who are perfect for each other, if only they could trust. She wants to know he'll love her forever and needs a commitment from him to demonstrate it - and what's more committed and permanent than nine fingers?

Advice and Columns 

I've written advice pieces for budding writers, given interviews for publications such as The Writer Magazine,  and  many articles in Boomer Magazine, a free publication in the Richmond area.
Here's an article on my writing techniques and strategies in WRITER Magazine. 
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For the last six years, I've had the back page of Boomer Magazine, a column I call Native Son.
Click below to read some book reviews I've penned, as well as some recent interviews with me. 

Blog Posts

Videos of a recent lecture

In summer of 2017, a member of the audience captured these short videos of a lecture I gave on The Art of the Narrative, my ideas about what goes into a good story, those repeatable bits of architecture I believe exist beneath every compelling tale. these videos are a little rough and shot by an amateur, but they capture some of the spirit of my lectures and teaching. Enjoy, I hope.