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Omaha Beach (Liberation Road), 2006
by David L. Robbins on July 30th, 2014

I set out to tell a story of men who served in WWI in the D-Day invasion forces who were not direct combatants. Liberation Road is about two men, black and white, both desperate to fight: one  prevented by his government, the other by his faith.

The novel centers around the Red Ball Express, the African-American truckers who moved the materiel and men from the Norman beaches to the fast advancing front lines. The book also features a Jewish chaplain, who has come back to France to serve his God, as well as find his missing son. In a rental car, I drove the Red Ball route, south then east from Omaha Beach, a circuit of 325 miles nonstop, at 35 mph,  rested 8 hours, then did it again.

The invasion site, the view from a German pillbox, on a windy day.

Omaha Beach, a peaceful image on a historical site.

One of the most powerful places any American can stand, the U.S. cemetery near Omaha Beach. I was touched to see so many Stars of David among the stones.

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